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Why choose Melrose Wheelchairs?
Why should you choose Melrose Wheelchairs? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

What kind of company is Melrose Wheelchairs?
For more than 25 years, we’ve been a supplier of mobility products, providing specialised wheelchairs for both children and adults. This profession requires extensive knowledge of physical and cognitive disabilities, product capabilities and maintenance and insurance, health funders and rehabilitation requirements.

What products and services do Melrose Wheelchairs offer?
We offer a wide selection of ancillary products for adults and children. These include manual wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, speciality wheelchairs, home accessibility products and bathroom products, we also offer accessory equipment from other mobility product manufacturers. Along with our products comes a dedication to customer service. Whether you need mobility assessments or equipment trials, we are here to help you and every purchase comes with follow-up service and repair.

What funding, insurance or health plans do Melrose Wheelchairs accept?
We accept most major funding sources and health plans. Our customer representative can work with your insurance company(s), health funder(s) and your health professional to provide you with the equipment you need.

Will all of my equipment be covered?
It varies; however, in general most mobility items are covered by insurance/funders when submitted by your health professional.

How long will it take to get my wheelchair?
Our goal is to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible. We work with your health professional to ensure you receive your equipment in a timely fashion.

Once I have my wheelchair, who provides future service and repairs?
Our service department is committed to your every service or repair need. Please call your health professional for any postural/seating changes, but for repairs and parts you can contact your Melrose customer representative directly. You will need to contact your funder/insurance company for any reimbursement for parts, repairs, alterations and freight. You may also go to your closest mobility technician service centre and they can order parts from us and perform service and repairs for you.

Mine is a unique situation. Will my Melrose Wheelchairs representative be qualified to make seating decisions?
Every person is unique and your health professional will recommend specialised seating if they think it is required. For general seating our experienced technicians have over 70 years combined experience.

How can I contact someone at Melrose Wheelchairs?
Your Melrose Customer Representative is easily reached by phone or email and ready to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. We are available to assist you at 0800 463576 or   We are with you all the way through the process.

Ordering Process
Here is step-by-step explanation of what to expect as we process your order: 
  1. Your doctor refers you to the appropriate health professional(s).
  2. Health professional assesses physical/cognitive abilities, then recommends equipment. The time-frame after the initial doctors referral can vary considerably.
  3. The health professional refers the request for trial equipment to the appropriate funding agency.
  4. The funding agency approves trial and refers this to the appropriate company. There may be more than one supplier asked to trial equipment.
  5. Melrose Wheelchairs receives measurements for equipment, and proceeds to build trial equipment.
  6. The trial equipment is sent for trial with your health professional.
  7. The health professional assesses the trial results and completes a prescription.
  8. The funding agencies then request a quote for the recommended equipment from Melrose Wheelchairs.
  9. Melrose Wheelchairs provide the quote to the funding agencies. If approved a purchase order is returned to the Melrose Wheelchairs.
  10. Melrose Wheelchairs build the requested equipment.

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