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A sport for your future, participate, compete and socialise from a chair built to your exact specifications.

Built to comply with New Zealand Bowls regulations for using wheelchairs on the green (but always check with the grounds-person).  Bowls holders can be mounted above as shown or below the chair.   The low ride height puts you closer to the green and the wide castor positions allow your feet to clear the castor wheels.  We can also offset the castors and main wheel on your bowling side to provide you with more clearance if required.

What ever you can think of to improve your game, we can build for you.

CAF Funding Application
The Challenged Athletes Foundation "CAF" offer all disabled athletes the chance to apply for assistance for "equipment" costs. If you have a physical disability that would qualify you to compete in any Paralympic sport then you’re eligible for a grant from CAF. You may apply from any country, read the "Information" link for more details.
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Standard Specifications
  • Aluminium frame
  • Complete custom fit-built to individual specifications for size, rake and camber
  • Fixed or folding frames as standard
  • Choice of footplate styles
  • Adjustable back height in fixed frame
  • Adjustable footplate height
  • Quick release, 20" x 1.75" or 20" x 1.95" wheels and tyres
  • Push to lock brakes
  • 200mm x 50mm castors
  • Skirt guards and foot strap
  • Powdercoat finish
Options and Accessories
  • Titanium frame
  • Bowls holder - either above seat (shown) or below seat
  • Upholstery with adjustable back
  • Rigid skirt guards
  • Waist strap
  • Back bar cover (fixed frame only)
  • Tapered seat
  • Vinyl or Rubber coated pushrims (other options available)
  • Spoke guards, ABS on footplate
  • Angle adjustable footplate
  • Cushion
  • Other brake options available
  • Arm rests
  • Anti tips
  • Custom powder coat
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