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The Melrose Tray slides onto any Melrose wheelchair, the tray cannot be lifted up or knocked sideways - preventing accidental tipping of objects on to the floor.

There are two types of sliding attachments available, one slides over the armrests (shown), the other one for people who don't require armrests has two prongs that slide into receivers mounted on the drop in ABS skirt guards. If your Melrose wheelchair does not have armrests or drop in ABS skirt guards contact us, we can fit some for you.

The trays are fabricated from Perspex, this allows for easy cleaning although we could also make them from aluminium or wood if your using it as a workshop bench.

A fold away option is also available, however this is NOT recommended for children, the very elderly or people suffering from a neurological disorder.

  • Clear Perspex tray
  • Slide mounted onto the armrests for easy removal
  • Custom size and shape to suit the end user
  • Powdercoated aluminium sides to prevent 'stuff' from sliding onto the floor
  • Smokey opaque Perspex for childrens trays
  • Fold away design (shown below)
  • Aluminium or wood options
  • Special non armrest mounts

Fold away option

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