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A Loopwheel is a wheel with integral suspension, designed to reduce vibration and increase performance and provide greater comfort.

Loopwheels give you a smoother ride. They are more comfortable than standard wheels: the carbon springs absorb tiring vibration, as well as bumps and shocks. They’re designed for everyday use and are strong and durable. They won’t run as true as a spoked wheel, but they will be a lot more comfortable.

Loopwheels are not just a wheel, they’re a suspension system.

Loopwheels help people push over uneven streets, rough tracks and gravel paths, with less effort, and the carbon springs give you extra power to get up or down kerbs. They reduce jolting and vibration, by as much as two thirds compared with a spoked wheel. Users report that this helps them manage pain.

With standard quick release axles, a choice between 12mm or ½ inch bearings and available in 24″ and 25″ sizes, loopwheels fit most manual wheelchairs.

  • Available in both 24" and 25" sizes
  • Weight (without pushrim or tyre) 24"-1.8kg, 26"-1.85kg
  • Maximum load 120kg
  • Easy to attach or remove in seconds from your wheelchair
  • Springs (loops) made from glass fibre, carbon fibre and epoxy resins
  • Rim and hub made from aluminium
  • Loop colours available in Red, White, Green, Purple, Orange and Blue
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in England

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