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The FreeWheel is a single large pneumatic castor that after attaching to your footplate, allows you to easily cross rough ground that would otherwise prove difficult. It lifts your castors over the ground and rides on the large wheel to provide a comfortable and stable ride, easily riding over gravel, grass and dirt. Fit some mountain bike tires to your wheelchair and you could easily cross sand and snow.

This system is adjustable to suit most fixed frame wheelchairs. It can be attached quickly (within seconds) to your footplate, while an easy to use clamp keeps it secure.

Gerry is shown here in the gravel pit on the Melrose testing range although rough ground isn't the only place these excel on. Once on the road or the footpath the ability to tighten the pivot allows the wheelchair to track straight, making it a good distance trainer.

  • Large 12.5” penumatic tyre rolls easily over broken ground
  • Black satin powdercoated finish
  • Lightweight, it only weighs 2.35 kg
  • Easy to attach or remove in seconds from your wheelchair
  • Can be mounted on the back of your wheelchair when not in use with a fitting that is attached to the rear of your wheelchair back
  • Adjustable attachment clamp suitable for most fixed footrests
  • Not suitable for angle adjustable or swing away footrests
  • Adjustable castor return to center (tracking)
  • Adjustable castor centering position (offset)
  • Adjustable lift height (how high it raises your front castors)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in USA

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