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Dynamic Rocker Back

The Rocker Back by Seating Dynamics is a suspension assembly that is installed between the back cane mounts and the back canes.

Originally designed to prevent breakage of the seat frame or back canes, the Dynamic Rocker Back has proven itself a capable therapeutic tool. Users who experience uncontrolled violent movements such as extensor tone or sensory seeking may benefit from dynamic movement that the Dynamic Rocker Back allows.

The “suspension” also absorbs energy that may otherwise damage the wheelchair or the user and can therefore reduce problems that rocking can incur over time.

  • Width 37 mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • Lightweight, it only weighs 2.3 kg
  • Maximum travel 10º
  • Maximum user weight over 100 kg
  • 4 pairs of colour coded Elastomer Impact Absorbers
    Yellow....... Soft
    Clear......... Medium Soft (installed)
    Blue.......... Medium Firm
    Green....... Firm

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