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COVID 19 in New Zealand

It is the company’s Policy to promote a safe working environment. The company’s wellbeing and our customer’s health is a key priority for us and we have implemented additional measures to our workplace procedures.

Our production is back up to full production.

Our office hours are 8.00 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

New Zealand sales representatives are available by phone or email. Contact with clients is only on essential basis and by request of therapist.

Freight is running within NZ as “Covid19 normal”.
Freight to Australia is going, but on a restricted basis.
Freight internationally is very limited at this time.

If you have a wheelchair on order, and want to know the status of your order, please contact your sales rep, or

Stay safe, Kia Kaha.

Large comfortable 1" Pushrims

Why use large diameter tube pushrims?

The larger tube diameter increases the surface area that your hand can grasp without tightly squeezing your fingers, thereby reducing the grip strength required to push. The reduced grip strength required increases comfort and has the added benefit of alleviating finger constriction and opening wrist extension lessening the chance of repetitive strain injuries.

Other benefits include the increased control over chair maneuverability and added wheel strength.

As well as the standard smooth Hard Anodized surface, we can coat these in a soft grippy Vinyl, Foam or Rubber coating - red rubber pictured, the coated surfaces providing a soft slightly larger diameter surface increasing the surface area benefiting people with limited grip strength.

Custom made to fit wheel sizes from 22" to 26" with either tab or rivet attachments.

Contact Phil at
or phone (03) 354 5616.

Pimp your childs ride with colourful spokeguards

Inject some life and colour onto your childs wheels by putting their favorite images on them. Send us your photos or illustrations and we print them onto clear or white vinyl which is then stuck onto the spokeguards.

The images have a life of 3 years and are waterproof so can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

At present funders DO NOT regard aesthetics to be important to your child or their wheelchair, you will most likely have to purchase these privately. Contact us on +64 3 354 5616 or email for prices.

What is the ZX-1?

The ZX1 is a revolutionary new power add-on unit that converts a rigid manual wheelchair into the coolest powerchair on the planet.

Perfect for c5-7 quads who can push a manual chair on fairly level ground but require a powerchair for complete independence in the real world. It's also a great choice for paras who want to save their shoulders or just need an occasional boost.
It's stealth, light, fast and highly maneuverable. The ZX1 will connect to many different chairs from a myriad of manufacturers with absolutely no modifications to the manual chair. It can be adjusted to fit any width chair from 14" to 20". It can be connected quickly and easily via joystick control.

Get where you need to go independently, release and park the ZX1 if you wish. Use it as an everyday powerchair or for occasions such as getting on to a soccer field to watch your kid play. The ZX1 is also great for travel and can be easily loaded into the trunk of a car.

We have these in stock now, contact Philippa at or phone (03) 354 5616 for a trial.

View here to download a brochure with the ZX-1 specifications and wheelchair requirements.

Melrose X-Wheels

Thats right, we stuck a couple of wheels together and called them X-Wheels.

But man do they work, they run real smooth, can handle almost any surface and are as light as they look.
They have a standard offset and hub so should fit most wheelchairs without any modifications, you might have to adjust your brakes when using the mountain bike tyres - but thats it. For super fantastic offroad ability use them with your FreeWheel.

Get where you want to go independently!

We have these in stock now, contact Phil at or phone (03) 354 5616.


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